Laser cheval is also an industrial subcontractor

As the French leader in the design and manufacture of laser micromachining machines, Laser Cheval also offers a quality industrial laser subcontracting service for fine cutting, marking, engraving and laser welding applications. An overview. 

Laser subcontracting, a bundle of human skills

Our subcontracting department has about fifteen employees. Supervised by a sales department, a methods technician and a quality manager, our team of technician-operators performs marking, welding, micro-cutting and drilling services with precision on various materials: steel, stainless steel, titanium, precious metals, hard materials (aluminium oxide, sapphire, ruby, silicon wafer). Committed to a quality management approach, Laser Cheval is certified ISO 9001 version 2015 (download the certificate). We put our equipment and experience at your service for industrial solutions adapted to your needs. 

The industrial laser: four uses for one technology

The laser is an innovative and extremely efficient industrial production tool. It has several uses: cutting, marking, engraving and welding. Let's take a look at these 4 uses: 

Laser cutting

The best known use! The interest of the laser is its ability to cut fine materials, with complex shapes, in relatively small thicknesses ranging from 0.03 mm to 3 mm. There are many compatible materials: steel, aluminium, titanium, gold, silver...

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Laser marking

Marking is often used in the medical or aeronautical industry for serial numbers, barcodes, Datamatrix, logos... on flat, cylindrical or irregular surfaces. It is also widely used in the watchmaking and luxury goods industries for marking decorations on components. In the pharmaceutical sector, it is also used to implement serialization. It can be used on most materials. Marking and engraving: what is the difference? It's all about depth. Laser engraving is different from laser marking because of the depth of the machining, linked to a notion of relief. Laser engraving is a slower technique, which requires more time to achieve a relief decoration.

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Laser welding

This is an interesting alternative for many industrial projects and has the advantage of being compatible with various materials: aluminium, stainless steel, titanium. The laser is ideal for making micro-welds that guarantee the watertightness and resistance of the final product.

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From prototypes to small, medium and large series...

Our subcontracting department is able to meet the needs of companies for small, medium and large series. Feasibility study, tooling study, advice, roughing and testing, prototyping and design, companies benefit from the expertise of Laser Cheval, which accompanies the customer throughout the manufacturing process, right up to project completion. To reinforce the quality of our service, our team carries out in-depth checks on production: resistance, watertightness, etc.

To the finished product!

To complete its offer in terms of subcontracting, Laser Cheval is able to propose a finished product, which requires, for example, polishing, surface treatment or coating as well as the supply of raw materials.

Who does Laser Cheval subcontract for? 

The industrial subcontracting department works for various fields of activity: 








Research institutes


Advantages of laser welding in the manufacture of fuel cells

Laser Cheval also provides subcontracting services for the hydrogen sector. Fuel cells are complex systems to manufacture. The tightness of certain components must be ensured. This is the case with bipolar metal plates, for which laser welding is particularly suitable. Laser welding therefore has many advantages for this type of component: thinness of the bead, low deformation of the assembly and speed of implementation. Laser Cheval's experienced teams are able to carry out this type of demanding welding.

Why choose Laser Cheval as a subcontractor? 

When you call on Laser Cheval to carry out your laser cutting, marking, engraving and welding work, you are : 

Benefit from the advice and expertise of a team capable of giving you technical guidance in the design of your parts. 

Ensuring the quality of our services with regular monitoring and control

Guarantee the confidentiality of your data

Offer an industrial partnership that meets your technical and commercial challenges

A project? Any questions? Contact our industrial subcontracting department!

Laser cheval is also an industrial subcontractor