A range of turn-key machines for any need of marking in micromechanics sector.

Compact workstation


This workstation has been designed to fit all industries (watch-jewellery, medical, electronics or even car industry) to mark any components.

It may be for a unit or serial production, from superficial to very deep marking applications.

Different powers  are available from 20W to 50W.

Many options are proposed to improve the material’s performance and make it even more user-friendly.

Machine LEM pour marquage Laser de précision

A range of semi-automatic machines


This machine is equipped with an automatic door, an accurate axis and a granite worksplate. Any laser source from 150 ps to 200 ns can be integrated..

It includes a working table, a control unit, a control board and offers the user high-precision and safety.

Several options are available:

  • XY table (150x150mm)
  • Direct lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Sighting camera and/or through galvanometers
  • Automatic positioning through vision system
  • Green laser pointer
Machine LEM QUARTZ  pour marquage Laser de précision


This machine which positions itself between the LEM and the LEM IOLITE is devoted to mark micromechanics components.

It integrates XYZ axis, rotating unit, sighting camera or camera through galvanometers according to the needs.

Different power levels are available from 20W to 50W.

Other options can be integrated too :

  • Automatic positioning with sighting system
  • Cooled galvanometric head which improve the laser stability
  • Bar-codes reader
LEM SAPHIR, machine de marquage laser


In this machine, parts are positioned on a works plate.

With a 1000x700 mm working area, the user has the possibility to engrave a high volume of parts.

Different power levels are available from 20W to 50W.

The LEM IOLITE suits to production in micromechanics, watch or electronics industries

Other options are available :

  • Rotating unit
  • Green laser pointer
  • 3D system
LEM IOLITE, laser de marquage de précisions

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