Key dates

  • 1972 Manufacture of the first laser machine for the drilling of rubies at CHEVAL FRERES company.
  • 1980 Creation of a laser department (machine & subcontracting)
  • 2000The laser department is a subsidiary of the IMI Group and moves to Pirey.
  • 2002The first compact marking machine, the “LEM”, is available on the French market and abroad.
  • 2017Launching of a range of automatized machines (LEM SAPHIR, LEM QUARTZ and IOLITE)
  • 2018 Integration of the short-pulsed laser sources in their machines
  • 2019LASER CHEVAL has new buildings in Marnay

Located in the heart of a micro-engineering industry’s area, and pioneer in its field, LASER CHEVAL has been specialized for nearly 40 years in the design and manufacture of laser machines for micromachining.

It is a company which belongs to the IMI Group which hires around 800 employees.

With  the knowledge on the different markets (luxury, medical, micromechanics, aeronautics or spatial), and thanks to its technical expertise LASER CHEVAL is a good reference in laser world.